Brick Wall | Verandas Beach House


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Brick Wall | Verandas Beach House

Verandas Beach House in Manhattan Beach, California was everything MJ and Robert hoped for when planning their special day. Complete with an intimate garden for the ceremony, stunning ocean views for portraits and a modern indoor space for the reception. What more could you ask for?

We are hopelessly in love with MJ’s floral lace wedding gown detailed with glossy patent leather Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pumps. Robert, on the other hand, opts for a modern blue suit and bow-tie, perfect for a casual chic beach wedding. Add into the mix, everyone’s favorite florals like peonies and roses in the bride’s bouquet to complete the look.

Guests were blown away by the beautiful floral canopy in the garden at Verandas Beach House, as they anxiously waited for the ceremony to begin. Everyone was speechless when the groom played the violin for his bride as she walked down the aisle. Lovely wedding vows lead to I Do and we then wonder off to the beach with the bride and groom. The couple had the beach to themselves, so we could capture breathtaking photos of their love in the sweetest way.

“Our Story”

Pore over all the gorgeous details that tell their love story from the beginning. The gift table is lined with pictures, capturing favorite memories of the bride and groom. Wedding Tip Alert: MJ and Robert printed out photos of them for guests to write well wishes on the back. If you are looking for a creative guest sign in book idea – I think you just found it! Let’s not forget the paintings they displayed with a sign reading “Our Story”. It seems this couple loves to paint, but not just any kind of painting, paintings of their love story, which they brought to life on their special day.

After a peaceful stroll on the beach with the newlyweds, it was finally time for the main entrance. The moment their friends and family were all waiting for! Little did they know, MJ and Robert had a little surprise in store. Let’s just say that Robert isn’t the only one who knows how to play the violin. The bride and groom surprised their guests with a musical duo following their introduction as the new Mr & Mrs! However, the surprises certainly don’t end there when they break into a choreographed dance that really got the party started!

After all that dancing and celebrating, the guests were definitely thankful for the multiple favors generously given by the bride and groom. One in particular being a “wake up kit”.

Keep scrolling to see what we’re talking about and check out this creative couples unforgettable wedding day!

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Ideal for both an intimate affair or vibrant soirée, a Verandas Manhattan Beach Wedding boasts diverse space to celebrate. For Jessica and Shane, they opt for both. Thus, making it a beautiful start to their happily ever after. Set outdoors in a quaint courtyard, the couple choose Verandas Beach House to host their ceremony. It’s an idyllic venue in lush, scenic surroundings.

The bride opts for a chiffon and cream lace appliqué gown with rhinestone belt. It compliments her wedding bouquet – a floral blend of hot pink, lilac, cream and apricot. The groom, on the other hand, sports a grey suit with cream tie. They both look the epitome of picture-perfect, which is partly down to such a romantic backdrop! Rose petals dust the aisle and a blooming arch frames the happy couple as they say I Do.

Soon after, the wedding party head indoors. Set in the chic Verandas Manhattan Beach House ballroom, wooden and and floral touches are everywhere. As a result, the dinner reception takes on a sweet, rustic charm. One which also sees a consistent color theme. From table napkins to wedding cake ribbon, even all five bridesmaids jump in on the action – lashings of rich navy feature throughout. This ultimately creates a striking color contrast between soft tones and deep hues.

Unlike the dining space, the dancing area takes on a more contemporary feel. It’s light and clean, with rose-tinted LED lights casting a glow over guests. This consequently makes for a lively celebration! Drinks, wedding games and laughter ensue… a sparkling way for Jessica and Shane to enter blissful wedded life. Keep scrolling to see some of our top photos of the night. And to see why Verandas Beach House was their venue of choice!

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