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‘Create a memory to last a lifetime’ promises Mountaingate Country Club. With elegant indoor and open-air space to use, this luxury Los Angeles wedding venue won’t disappoint! Take inspiration from Cindy and Adam, who opt for an all-round outdoor affair. From ceremony to reception, the happy couple choose to host an ethereal garden celebration inside its spacious grounds.

In terms of attire, the bride wears a chiffon and lace bead strapless gown. She pairs the gorgeous dress with a pair of light gold peep toe kitten heels. The bridesmaids, on the other hand, wear mint green dresses with lattice bead detail. A natural bloom is the choice bouquet, where cream flowers and verdant green leaves blossom.

But it’s not just the wedding bouquet that boasts such soft tones! Cream petals blanket the aisle for Cindy to walk on. Similarly, crisp cream chairs form a stunning contrast to the lush greenery. The ceremony is made even more spectacular as the Santa Monica Mountains serve up a breathtaking backdrop. As the sun beats down on the basking guests, Cindy and Adam couldn’t wish for a more heavenly vista if they tried.

Soon after, the reception begins. This time, gold touches add glamour to the décor. Each table also hosts a large, candle centerpiece. If you’re hosting outdoors, consider arranging your candles inside clear canisters. (As seen in the photos below). This consequently shields the candles from any breeze and ensures they remain lit throughout the evening. For further light, Cindy and Adam string fairy lights across the trees. This proves exceptionally magical once day turns to dusk, as speckles of glimmering light add to the romantic atmosphere. Keep on scrolling to see the rest of this beautifully al fresco Mountaingate Country Club wedding!


statenine Weddings

Emily and Nathan were married at the beautiful Summit House in Fullerton.  Their ceremony was held at the Summit House Vista Park which has a beautiful garden setting with sweeping views of the Orange County mountains.  The bridesmaids wore soft blush dresses and the groomsmen dressed in grey.  The reception was held in the grand ballroom and was filled with vintage wedding details and decorated with ivory, gold and lace.  Check out some of our favorite photos from this Summit House wedding:

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