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As far as a Frederick Loewe Estate wedding could go, Cassie and Michael held one to remember. Once the home of musical composer, Frederick Loewe, this luxury rental now hosts events. Quirky touches also give the Palm Springs property a sense of character. Such as impressive animal sculptures and a vintage turntable.

The bride opts for a simple cream wedding dress with sheer lace sleeves. Whereas the groom picks a royal blue suit and lilac tie. Like the dress, the bouquet is cream. Baby’s breath and wild green leaves offset the simplicity of this ethereal arrangement.

Next, it’s time for wedding images in front of the boulder-strewn hillside. A stunning natural photo setting – accompanied by great golden hour light! It also gives the couple opportunity to frolic around the pond feature; balance on stepping stones and in turn shoot endearing imagery.

The venue says to offer jaw-dropping, panoramic views of Coachella Valley. Once the wedding ceremony begins, this promise comes true! Two striking palm trees set the scene for a mother nature style arch over the happy couple. Whereas guests nestle into the sweeping stone and landscaped vista. It’s magical, miles of valley ensure wedding members feel like they’re sitting on the cusp of the world.

Soon enough, it’s time for the wedding reception. Another section of the estate transforms into an elegant setting. Fairy lights festoon above tables that feature pink, gold and cream as the color theme of choice. The gold cutlery is a notable element – perfect if you’re looking for a touch of special.

Later on, Cassie and Michael take to the jaw-dropping cliffside for more wedding photos. With Palm Springs in the back and rugged roadside in the fore, there’s a bohemian element on show. If you’re looking to marry outdoors, a Frederick Loewe Estate wedding will deliver. Take a look at the beautiful outcome below!


statenine Weddings

Chesy and Justin were married at the beautiful Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes. It is one of the most beautiful wedding venues and nestled right on the coast overlooking the ocean. Not only is the church beautiful inside, but the lush grounds surrounding the church are breathtaking as well. This makes it one of the best wedding venues in Southern California.  The bride worn a stunning lace back wedding dress which complimented the classic style of this California wedding.  The reception was held at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach in a ballroom overlooking the Redondo Beach Marina.  We are in love with everything about this Neighborhood Church Wedding!

neighborhood-church-wedding-1001 neighborhood-church-wedding-1002 neighborhood-church-wedding-1003 neighborhood-church-wedding-1004 neighborhood-church-wedding-1005 neighborhood-church-wedding-1006 neighborhood-church-wedding-1007 neighborhood-church-wedding-1008 neighborhood-church-wedding-1009 neighborhood-church-wedding-1010 neighborhood-church-wedding-1011 neighborhood-church-wedding-1012 neighborhood-church-wedding-1013 neighborhood-church-wedding-1014 neighborhood-church-wedding-1015 neighborhood-church-wedding-1016 neighborhood-church-wedding-1017 neighborhood-church-wedding-1018 neighborhood-church-wedding-1019 neighborhood-church-wedding-1020 neighborhood-church-wedding-1021 neighborhood-church-wedding-1022 neighborhood-church-wedding-1023 neighborhood-church-wedding-1024 neighborhood-church-wedding-1025 neighborhood-church-wedding-1026 neighborhood-church-wedding-1027 neighborhood-church-wedding-1028 neighborhood-church-wedding-1029 neighborhood-church-wedding-1030 neighborhood-church-wedding-1031 neighborhood-church-wedding-1032 neighborhood-church-wedding-1033 neighborhood-church-wedding-1034 neighborhood-church-wedding-1035 neighborhood-church-wedding-1036 neighborhood-church-wedding-1037 neighborhood-church-wedding-1038 neighborhood-church-wedding-1039 neighborhood-church-wedding-1040 neighborhood-church-wedding-1041 neighborhood-church-wedding-1042 neighborhood-church-wedding-1043 neighborhood-church-wedding-1044 neighborhood-church-wedding-1045 neighborhood-church-wedding-1046 neighborhood-church-wedding-1047 neighborhood-church-wedding-1048 neighborhood-church-wedding-1049 neighborhood-church-wedding-1050 neighborhood-church-wedding-1051 neighborhood-church-wedding-1052 neighborhood-church-wedding-1053 neighborhood-church-wedding-1054 neighborhood-church-wedding-1055 neighborhood-church-wedding-1056 neighborhood-church-wedding-1057 neighborhood-church-wedding-1058 neighborhood-church-wedding-1059 neighborhood-church-wedding-1060

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statenine Weddings

Kirsten and Bryan were married at the beautiful Casa de Monte Vista estate in Palm Springs.  It is a beautiful Spanish style private estate nestled in the historic Old Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs.  The property is filled with old fashioned Palm Springs charm that is sure to impress your wedding guests.  The spectacular mountain view is the perfect backdrop for any ceremony.  Here are some of our favorites from this Casa de Monte Vista wedding!
casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1001 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1002 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1003 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1004 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1005 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1006 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1007 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1008 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1009 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1010 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1011 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1012 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1013 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1014 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1015 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1016 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1017 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1018 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1019 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1020 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1021 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1022 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1023 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1024 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1025 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1026 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1027 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1028 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1029 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1030 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1031 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1032 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1033 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1034 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1035 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1036 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1037 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1038 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1039 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1040 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1041 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1042 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1043 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1044 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1045 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1046 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1047 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1048 casa-de-monte-vista-wedding-1049